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MAY, 2013


“Ballroom Luminoso,” by Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock of Creative Machines, Inc. in Tucson, Arizona, transforms an ordinary underpass into a community shadow theater. A series of six brilliantly lit, color-changing chandeliers hang from the underpass and each will cast bright shapes and colored shadows approximately 40 feet. The chandeliers are made from recycled bike parts and other metals with LED lights used to allow for creative expression with minimal maintenance. 

The project is the first to be completed by Public Art San Antonio as part of the 2012-2017 Bond Program. The current Public Art Plan, with projects covered by the bond and some that are not, is comprised of approximately 25 sites around the city including cultural corridors, facilities, and parks projects. 


Trabajo Rustico: Fantasies in Cement PDF Print E-mail
Trabajo Rustico: Fantasies in Cement will be on view at PASA  Studio from May 29 through August 3, 2012.  The installation of the exhibit is set to coincide with the 2012 Americans for the Arts (AFTA) Convention, which includes an ARTventure tour featuring the PASA Studio exhibit and bus tour of other works by Dionicio Rodriguez and Carlos Cortes on Saturday, June 9, beginning at 1 pm.  Registration information for the AFTA convention and  ARTventure tours is available online at www.convention.artsusa.org

Temporary Exhibits Call for Artworks PDF Print E-mail

Public Art San Antonio is seeking San Antonio artists to upload images of their two- and three-dimensional artworks in any medium for consideration in a temporary exhibition to be installed at selected City of San Antonio facilities.  Selected artworks will be placed on temporary loan to the City and placed at designated areas within City Hall, Municipal Plaza, and other downtown facilities. 

For application information, click here.
Temporary Exhibits Policy & Guidlines PDF Print E-mail

Eligibility and Selection Process

Visual artists of 18 years or older who live or work in the San Antonio area are invitedto submit no more than 5 images of artworks available for loan for the duration of sixmonths to one year beginning February 21, 2011*. All submittals must be received byemail by midnight on Monday, January 31, 2011.The pool of eligible artworks will be determined by a panel overseen by the City’sPublic Art Board, which may include PASA staff and art community representatives, toassist in evaluation of submissions. Selection criteria will include quality or merit ofthe artwork, local or national reputation of the artist, and diversity of artworks to beexhibited.The City of San Antonio respects freedom of expression in visual art. However, thefacilities participating in the PASA Temporary Exhibits Program (such as City Hall) arenot intended to function as a gallery or museum in their ability to exhibit any and allcontent. Therefore, the City and PASA, at their sole discretion, reserve the right toremove or relocate artwork.Eligible artworks should be framed, mounted, or pre-assembled and ready forinstallation. All 3-D artworks must be either self-supporting or include a pedestal orstand. Any installation hardware, pedestals or stands must be approved by PASAbefore acceptance or delivery. Art presented in electronic media must beaccompanied by appropriate audio and video equipment. Artworks that are acceptedare subject to inspection and may be withheld from the exhibition at staff discretion.

Public Art Pre-Conference June 7-8 PDF Print E-mail

Whether you are already established, or are an emerging artist interested in public art, the 2012 National AFTA Public Art Pre-Conference is almost here in San Antonio, Texas (June 7-8) and we're hoping that local artists and arts professionals register and take advantage of this rare opportunity.  
This major national event brings leaders in public art together once a year - and it's never come to San Antonio. 
Register yourself and encourage colleagues and friends to join you. You save and participate in even more by registering for the entire 2012 Annual AFTA Convention that runs through June 10 - including the opening reception at SAMA! Check it all out online!



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